Philosophy: what sets us apart

After working in many physical therapy settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, pediatrics, and sports medicine, I became aware that the best physical therapy is delivered one-on-one. I started Lifetime Physical Therapy Inc. in 2008 to provide quality outpatient therapy in the home of each patient. Offering therapy in the home allows each physical therapist to identify the challenges and habits that are contributing to each unique diagnosis and the problems contributing to the pain cycle. We can then create an exercise program that patient can maintain on a daily basis. That is where you can create change and improvement in people's lives.

Claire Stowell, CEO, MSPT, Physical Therapist, CEEAA (Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults)

“Lifetime Physical Therapy has worked with many of our patients including family members. I notice that the people that participate in this physical therapy program perform exercises in the setting of their home and continually improve even after they have been discharged form physical therapy. We have seen patients function drastically improve from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active individual that goes out in the community more often.”
— Dr. Susan Debin, MD