We offer one-on-one therapy in the home by certified physical therapists that identify the challenges and habits that are contributing to each unique diagnosis and the problems contributing to the pain cycle. We then customize an exercise program that patients can maintain on a daily basis.


Out-patient In-Home Physical Therapy

Our certified physical therapists treat patients with neurological and orthopedic problems. A patient will need to have a prescription from his or her physician. We are happy to assist you with the process. We then come to your home and evaluate the problems contributing to your pain and decreased function, and customize a treatment plan to improve your condition and restore function.

Posture Correction

“Straighten up” is what our mothers told us. It is still true. Many people notice that their posture declines over the years. In our practice we have seen patients gain inches in height and restore their stature. We all know that with improved stature there is improved mobility, balance, and gait, which creates an increased sense of confidence. This is our top priority. As clients improve in posture they often see a reduction in joint pain. We measure curvature of the spine and identify the kyphotic index to determine if a brace may be appropriate in addition to the exercise routine to assist in posture correction.

Stand Tall Class

Every Tuesday Claire Stowell offers a class at the Yorba Linda Community Center 9:15am-10:15 am. This class focuses on safe exercises to improve participants' stature and alignment. She uses the Meeks Method© This comprehensive program is designed to prevent, arrest or reverse the common Patterns of Postural Change that occur as, but not necessarily because, people age. She combines this approach with models from pilates, yoga, and physical therapy stabilization exercises. Each participant needs to sign up at the front desk at the community center and bring a yoga mat. Sign up early because classes tend to fill up.

Fall Prevention

As people age we often become less active. Over the years inactivity can cause strength deficits, muscle restriction, and difficulty walking. We specialize in identifying what is causing each individual's balance deficits and implementing a plan to change that.

Home Ergonomic Set Up

How do you load your dishwasher? How do you bend over to garden or take out the trash? How you do these activities determines how your posture settles over the years and how pain patterns may emerge. Each therapist is trained in identifying optimal equipment set-up and position to do your daily tasks and hobbies. Having a therapist come to your home and review your alignment through each of your daily tasks will change the way you age, improve your balance, reduce your pain, and improve your function.

Fitness For Life

Having a daily fitness routine in the convenience of your home is critical to healthy aging. At Lifetime Physical Therapy Inc. we believe that "Life is a journey, not a Destination" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). We can come to your home and recommend the right exercise routine in order keep strong and healthy through your "journey."

Community Outreach

Claire Stowell, MSPT, enjoys presenting in various settings with MDs to educate the public regarding Osteoporosis. She presents information that you can implement directly into your life that will affect your bone health and fitness. The Medical Doctor that she presents with covers medical management of osteoporosis. She has presented in community centers, Offices of Medical Doctors, public libraries, churches, and women's groups.

Orthotic Casting

Physical Therapists at Lifetime Physical Therapy Inc. are trained in casting to make an orthotic for an individual. We can come to your home and cast your foot, and will send the cast to the orthotist for fabrication.

Weight loss and Optimal Health Program

Our comprehensive healthy lifestyle offering can help you safely and effectively reach and maintain a healthy weight and adopt habits for a lifetime of health. Caring, knowledgeable, one-on-one support provided by your personal Health Coach is what makes our program different than any other program. Your Health coach will guide you on your journey towards optimal health.


“We are extremely pleased with the service that Lifetime Physical Therapy has given to our patients. They are knowledgeable, caring, and always ready to assist our patients in returning a healthy life style. I can personally testify of their wonderful care, as I was a recipient of their expertise in helping me to recover from bilateral knee replacement surgery. I was able to return to work in a very short time (2 to 3 weeks) with very little pain during my recuperation. We recommend Lifetime Physical Therapy to our patients and love that they come directly to your home.”
— Dr. Deric Lords, DPM