We value feedback from our doctors and patients. Please read below what referring physicians and patients are saying about the effective results of out-patient therapy in the home.

“Lifetime Physical Therapy is a unique approach that brings out-patient physical therapy to the home. The therapist customizes exercises to fit the layout of the home and activity pattern of each patents. This helps many of my patients remember their exercises to improve their function. Physical therapy in the home provides opportunities for the therapist to observe habits and activities that patients do that may be the cause of a patient’s pain. The therapist can identify the issue and help patients improve their function. This helps patients keep up with the routines the therapists provides for them.”
— Dr. Joseph Mayo III, MD
“Lifetime Physical Therapy has worked with many of our patients including family members. I notice that the people that participate in this physical therapy program perform exercises in the setting of their home and continually improve even after they have been discharged form physical therapy. We have seen patients function drastically improve from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active individual that goes out in the community more often.”
— Dr. Susan Debin, MD
“We are extremely pleased with the service that Lifetime Physical Therapy has given to our patients. They are knowledgeable, caring, and always ready to assist our patients in returning a healthy life style. I can personally testify of their wonderful care, as I was a recipient of their expertise in helping me to recover from bilateral knee replacement surgery. I was able to return to work in a very short time (2 to 3 weeks) with very little pain during my recuperation. We recommend Lifetime Physical Therapy to our patients and love that they come directly to your home.”
— Dr. Deric Lords, DPM
“My wife and I have benefited a great deal from our In home PT exercises with Lifetime Physical Therapy. Besides being so convenient it has been a great benefit to know how to use our own environment to accomplish the workouts we needed to improve our particular weaknesses. Our own daughter is an Occupational Therapist. She observed Claire’s techniques with us and commented that Lifetime Physical Therapy is one of the best PT specialists she has observed!”
— N.B.D., Patient
“I am delighted that I have found Lifetime Physical Therapy. I am sure that the exercises that she has taught me are vital to maintaining good posture and a healthy back. A primary health concern of mine is osteoporosis and I intend to do appropriate exercises to prevent the progress of this disease for the rest of my life. And the fact that Claire visits my home for the physical therapy sessions adds to my endorsement for her since it is so convenient for me and saves precious time.”
— J.S., Patient
“In 2009 I was experiencing rotator cuff and neck problems In January 2010 I heard about the class “Stand Tall” from a friend of mine. I started attending the sessions and within the first few months I felt a considerable reduction in pain. The therapist were attentive to my needs and to my condition. She assists the people in the class making sure they are maximizing their full potential so there is constant strengthening to the bones and muscles. I absolutely love the class. The exercises can be done on various different levels determined by the person’s in ability and strength. My posture improved, as did the strength in neck, back and overall condition. It also improved my core. I would and have recommended this class to everyone no matter what their age. The more proactive people are the better their chances for an active lifestyle. The therapist do a magnificent job instructing and explaining what and why each move is a benefit to the body’s welfare. It is such a great way to make for a healthy body. Never stop doing this strengthening exercises no matter how old !”
— K.M., Patient
“I am very thankful for what Lifetime Physical Therapy Inc. have taught me. You have helped to strengthen my back and educated me how to stand tall. You have given me exercises to help me have the strength for my stature. I wish I would have met you when I was 25 so I could have changed my posture earlier.”
— M.B., Patient
“I am very pleased to endorse Claire Stowell with Lifetime Physical Therapy and Fitness Inc. for the excellent job she provides for her students in The Standing Tall Class (exercises for good spine health) at The Yorba Linda Community Center. Also, in 2011, Claire helped me fully recover from a shoulder fracture sustained after a fall. I so appreciated her mobile PT practice. Since she is able to adapt all exercises into my home environment. She is personable, professional, warm and supplements her professional skills with practical information and at-home exercises. She is a joy!”
— L.A., Patient
“I have been attending the Stand Tall Class now for a couple of years. It is the longest I have ever taken an exercise class and I intend to continue. I feel it is help me to improve my posture and the stretching exercises have really improved my flexibility. I also received individual P.T. from the therapists. I had hand pain from lifting heavy grandkids and had tennis elbow. In just a few sessions my tennis elbow was gone and I was able to lift more weight without a problem.”
— B.A., Patient
“Thanks you so much for all your help and guidance. I know you went beyond your duty working on my bad right foot and my bad left leg. We ran to the store, ‘A Snails Pace,’ and picked out some ‘superfeet orthotics’ for my dance shoes. Our own square dance class was on Friday August 17th, and I danced for the first time... thanks for all your help.”
— P.T., Patient
“She got me out of bed!” When the therapist arrived at my home I had in severe back pain and was unable to get out of bed. The therapists are skillful, and effective physical therapist. She is professional, kind, empathetic, encouraging, and supportive, but sensitive and patient and lets you go at your own comfort level and pace. Her method emphasizes your Core Health. Strengthening your core and doing your exercises in time makes you stronger and more flexible and helps to manage a chronic condition such as mine, so that even in my setbacks I can make progress more quickly. She got me out of bed and gave me back my life!”
— C.M., Patient
“Colleen is great. She is calm, steady, confident, great sense of humor. I enjoyed her company and her work done on me. I have had a lot of therapy in my life but never with someone so kind and caring. Having therapy in the home was a better experience for me than the clinic. It was better because I had all the equipment I needed right in my as she showed me areas that I can do the exercises. I still keep up with my routine that she taught me.”
— F.G., Patient
“Christine provided therapy for me. She did very well. I could not walk until she worked with my knee pain. Now my knee pain has abolished and she is able to walk again. She was very thorough and knowledgeable with her care and worked on the whole body, not just the knees.”
— B.C., Patient
“Sarah is an excellent PT. She pushes me. I am doing exercises better now. She has always trying to move me above what I was doing before. I am now walking with a cane for the first time since my hip fracture.”
— D.W., Patient
“What a wonderful, professional and caring company! My wife and I have used Lifetime Physical Therapy on many occasions and we cannot say enough about them. Their knowledge, honesty, integrity, and genuine caring concern is really beyond words. We are seniors with various ailments, including Parkinson’s, as well as back and shoulder injuries injuries. We bless they day we discovered Lifetime Physical Therapy. The convenience of the in home therapy is invaluable to older people. They understand seniors and their needs. I cannot say enough about Lifetime. Look no further if you, your parents or grandparents need physical therapy.”
— R.M., Patient
“I have a few heroes. People that I respect and trust. Lifetime is Physical Therapy is one of them. Than you for working on Ariana’s knee and now mine. Thank you for taking such good care of me.”
— A.S., Patient
“Having physical therapy in the home was beneficial because I was able to incorporate PT exercises and activities into my daily routine as opposed to going to a clinic. I would stand in front of my oven while cooking and do exercises while waiting for things to cook. I am healing quickly. It has only been 4 months since my ankle fracture and I am now able to walk normally without an assistive device.”
— J.D., Patient
“Lifetime Physical Therapy has been a true life saver for my mother and our family, allowing her to stay at home and live as independent as possible, with as much functioning as possible after her injury and illness. We cant say enough great things about the service we received and how pleased we are with all they have done for us, and recommend them to anyone in the area needing help and assistance! they are simply the best! Outstanding in every way!”
— P.B., Patient
“I am doing very well since my recent discharge. I really enjoyed my therapist coming to my home for physical therapy. We shared similar interest in photography and World War history which we would discuss during our walks. I am continuing my home exercises and I am now able to walk around two miles and I’ve started gardening! Since physical therapy I will now also be joining the Brea Gymnasium”.
— H.H., Patient
“I highly recommend lifetime Physical Therapy! Because the therapy was in my own home, they taught me to use the items I already have for continuing an assortment of at-home exercises on a long term basis. In addition, you taught me a variety of techniques to alleviate muscle and joint inflammation. I am benefiting from the exercise walking poles which they patiently instructed me to use as we walked through my neighborhood. I have resumed the joy of daily brisk walking, which upon the advise of another physical therapist and two specialist, I terminated 10 years ago. But the greatest benefit is the encouragement I received and the self confidence they instilled. My husband continues to comment on my improved posture and the resulting improved appearance my only regret is that I did not have the benefit of your therapy 10 years ago.”
— M.F., Patient