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After working in many physical therapy settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, pediatrics, and sports medicine, we became aware that the best physical therapy is delivered one-on-one. Lifetime Physical Therapy Inc. was founded to provide quality outpatient therapy in the home of each patient. Offering therapy in the home allows each physical therapist to identify the challenges and habits that are contributing to each unique diagnosis and the problems contributing to the pain cycle. We can then create an exercise program that patient can maintain on a daily basis. That is where you can create change and improvement in people’s lives. We believe in the strength of people and it is our mission to maximize patient function.
LifetimePT feels that employees at all levels are important to the success of each patient and the practice. We offer a supportive environment where physical therapists enjoy the flexibility of setting appointments up with patients upon their availability that is convenient for the PT and the patient. Physical therapists have a strong work ethic and respect for one another and each client.


  • We provide physical therapy that focuses on Geriatric care and provide house calls.
  • We offer stand tall and fall prevention classes at local senior centers and facilities.
  • We assess patients with evidence-based functional outcome measures.
  • We believe in the power of movement to restore and implementation of exercise to rehabilitate lives.
  • Our therapists have extensive experience in multiple settings and are able to draw upon their expertise to restore hope and confidence in our patients.

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Become a Health Coach

A great way to earn money while helping others

Unlike quick fixes, this program is focused on long-term health. Health Coaches are compensated for coaching and supporting their Clients, not for selling them products. We offer you the unique opportunity to help the people around you learn to live a healthier life.

A flexible lifestyle

When you’re an Optimal Living Health Coach, you work your own hours, at your own pace. You can support Clients in your spare time for extra disposable income, or you can choose to help people create health for a living and build a thriving organization that creates a full-time career for you.

Either way, our Optimal Living Health Coaches appreciate the fact that working as a Health Coach allows them the freedom and flexibility that’s hard to find in today's demanding, financially strapped times.

Whether you choose to work part-time or full-time, as an Optimal Living Health Coach, you decide how far you want to go and how fast you want to get there.

An organization that supports you

Even if you’re not an expert in nutrition, weight loss, or health, you can succeed as an Optimal Living Health Coach. The robust organization provides you with the strong Bio-Network of support, education, and training you need to coach your Clients effectively, and our Home Office is always prepared to assist you and your Clients with dedicated customer service and product support.

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