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Take Shape For Life Health Coach’s life-changing health journey!

In People magazine's Half Their Size issue on newsstands now, Optimal Health Program Coach, Heather Patterson credits Optimal Health Program with transforming her life. Heather says, “One night a friend tagged me in a Facebook photo, and you couldn’t even see my chair. I immediately reached out to a friend who was a Health Coach for Optimal Health Program…  Now I’m a Health Coach myself!” See the full story here: READ THE STORY Please message me if you want to discuss your Health goals! It has been so rewarding being a part of people's journey and gaining your health. I've always enjoyed restoring mobility as a physical therapist but this is a whole new dimension of improving peoples lives as a whole.

I lost 20 pounds this summer!

“Over the last 3 years I  put on 20 lbs.  When I came back from Christmas break the meat guy at the local grocery store told me that I had a good holiday.  I saw that my friend Shaunzi Lines had lost 80 lbs. and I was very interested to see how she did it. During that same time I found out that my friend from college Claire Gaisford Stowell was a health coach. With her help and after implementing some changes, I was able to lose those 20 lbs. this summer.  My husband Merrill also joined me and lost 20 lbs. and Cami practiced some mindful eating and also did the program and lost 15.  I am grateful that I had the opportunity and the support to do this.  Now our whole family is working to stay healthy. I highly recommend Lifetime Physical Therapy & Wellness as a coach. Here are some before and after pictures of us.”

Before & After

Before & After

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, please reach out to me, let's get your medicine cabinet cleaned out!

"I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and while I was cleaning out my medicine cabinet, it struck me how much I have to be thankful for, now that I have my health.
The 1st picture shows the meds I've been taking for almost 7 years and the 2nd picture shows what I take now for Hashimoto's... which, is being reduced more and more!!!

The energy, clarity, quality of sleep and quality-of-life that I am now experiencing, not to mention the improved self-esteem, has been a tremendous blessing for which I'm truly grateful for."