It’s no exaggeration to say that Take Shape for Life has given my husband a new life, me a new husband, us a new family.

Randall Before & After

Randall Before & After

Athletic and naturally fit as a young man, my husband, Randall, hit an all time weight high (and all time health low) in the late summer of 2015. His 30-year career (with its constant international travel and jet lag, long sedentary meetings, late night heavy executive dinners, hotel buffet breakfast tables toppling with doughnuts and soda) caught up with him. The extra 50 pounds hadn’t compounded suddenly, but the health risks hit him, it seemed, like a tidal wave. He was too tired and sore to bike, play tennis, run, or even take a speed walk. And he snored. Like a diesel truck barreling through a mountain tunnel, Randall snored. The extra weight and inflammation were driving us as a couple not only to two different sides of the bed, but into two different rooms entirely. Even on vacation, we had to book separate bedrooms. I was sick at heart imagining that this was going to be his future, our future.

My beloved husband. I mourned the loss of him, as he didn’t resemble (physically, in energy level, or in attitude toward life and the future) the man I’d married. Worse, he knew he wasn’t the man he wanted to be. One night, I slipped in frustration and said, “Honey, it’s not fair to me, to our children, to the grandchildren we might have one day. It’s just not fair.”

In September of 2015, we saw a FB posting of a friend who’s already in retirement who’d dropped significant extra weight through health coaching from Optimal Health Program. He looked radiant, vigorous. “Hey, so, he used a nutrition coach,” I told Randall. “Would you… ever… think of doing the same thing?”

But he’d resigned himself to the thought that this was who he now was. The little efforts he’d made earlier in his life to keep in shape – cutting out snacks, increasing exercise – no longer worked. He needed a turbo boost. I alone couldn’t provide that boost. It had to come from somewhere, something, someone else.

Then in October, Randall saw a photo of himself in a bowling alley at a business event. That picture was so disturbing to him that it triggered his first phone call to Claire, a Take Shape for Life health and nutrition coach. A switch flipped. He was on his way.
Quick edit, four months later:

Randall is now at his college weight. He’s up at 5:30 a.m. five days a week, biking to the top of mountain. He looks 20 years younger than last summer. He has had to get an entirely new wardrobe (which is great!). He has literally wowed his work colleagues and family – “Wow! You look phenomenal!” “Wow! I hardly recognized you!” – and he’s already giving tips to others on how to change their health habits. So far, a dozen friends and family members have asked to join the quest not only for lower weight, but for overall better health, which is what this program with its excellent regular mentoring/coaching provides.

How my wonderful, handsome Randall has also wowed me! And you want to know about another “wow”? Amazingly, it happened within one week of beginning this program, even before Randall began dropping significant amounts of weight: He completely stopped snoring.  We're (happily) sharing the same bed again!

So for those of you looking for a transformed partner – or who sincerely yearn for a transformed self – Optimal Health Program has done it for Randall, for our marriage, our family, our children, and even for generations to follow us! Don’t wait or waste another day wondering how you’ll fix your life.